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CVD Diamond Coating: What Is It And What Are Its Advantages?

In recent years, the use of diamond coated cemented carbide tools has exponentially increased as they reduce the process costs in manufacturing various industrial parts as well as improve the quality. No doubt, cemented carbide is the most commonly used material for industrial cutting tools which is mainly possible due to the combination of tungsten carbide and cobalt. Tungsten carbide does the work of lending hardness to this metal, whereas the presence of cobalt renders the required toughness which is essential for many tasks.

However, there are some applications which require much higher level of hardness and excellent temperature conductivity. Luckily, these qualities are possible to achieve only by coating cemented carbide with diamond. Why diamond? Diamond is considered as the hardest substance which naturally occurs on the earth and it is also known for excellent wear resistance and high temperature conductivity. Thus, a diamond makes the perfect candidate for such applications. Unfortunately, real diamond is not found in abundance on the earth. Thus, to meet the industrial requirements, CVD diamond is introduced in the market. But, what is CVD diamond? Is CVD diamond capable of doing the work of real diamond? What are the advantages of using CVD diamond coating?

So many questions would be hovering over your mind by now. There is no need for exercising your mind much as you will find the answers to all these questions in this post. So, keep the reading continue.

CVD Diamonds –

CVD diamonds are synthetic diamonds produced in the laboratory by using a special method called Chemical Vapor Deposition i.e. CVD. They are also known as laboratory created diamonds or simply artificial diamonds. CVD process uses a gas such as methane which is filled into the vacuum chamber. Thereafter, the gas is activated and gas molecules are break down with the aid of microwaves which further leads to the accumulation of carbon atoms on the substrate just as the way snowflakes accumulate in a snowfall.

Now, let’s come to the second question. Synthetic diamonds are the hardest diamonds created in laboratories which possess the highest thermal conductivity. Therefore, they are suitable to be used in applications where immense heat is required. So, Yes! They are absolutely capable of doing tasks which a real diamond is able of.

Advantages of CVD Diamond Coating –

  • First of all, CVD diamonds are inexpensive as compared to the real ones. In fact, they are 30% – 40 % cheaper. Thus, synthetic diamond coating solutions are highly economical.
  • The synthetic diamond coating can be utilized for far more applications and resources when compared with the real ones. So, we can say that it is more versatile than the real diamond coating.
  • The major advantage of using CVD diamonds is that they are easily accessible and are not limited as real diamonds are. They can be designed in laboratories and therefore, they can be made accessible according to the industrial demand.
  • As these diamonds have the highest temperature conductivity, CVD diamond coating is ideal to remove heat from the cutting edge which helps in extending tools’ life substantially.
  • CVD diamond coating process allows people to take the advantage of diamond’s properties on complex shapes, for instance, diamond coated end mills, drills and thread mills at an affordable cost.
  • Synthetic diamond coated tools are appreciated for possessing remarkable attributes such as elevated durability, best edge retention for consistent finish, best tolerance retention quality, decreased downtime for tool changes, high productivity from increased feeds and speeds and not to mention, the lower cost.
  • Diamond coated tools stay sharp throughout their life and also allow complete machining of electrodes with no downtime.
  • With CVD diamond coating, tools last long up to 70 times when compared with bare carbide and therefore, machining of composite material has become much more economical.
  • The use of CVD diamond coated tools is especially beneficial when working with graphite-based material, fiber reinforced composites and abrasive non-ferrous alloys.
  • Due to properties such as excellent wear resistance and smooth and non-stick surface, this coating helps the material in gaining strong foothold which tends to smear or melt during machining.

So, you can gather that the diamond coating is extremely beneficial and has made several tasks easier and cost-effective as well. If you’re also looking for reasonable and competitive diamond coating solutions, contact only reputed CVD diamond coating service provider. There is a vast range of diamond coating options to choose from so that you can easily decide which thickness is best for your application. In case, you require diamond coating for some unique application, you can also ask for customized diamond coating solutions. There is no limitation when it comes to diamond coating solutions.