5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Kvm Monitor

There are various types of monitors available in the market today. Ranging from kvm gaming monitors, business monitors, dual monitor kvm, triple monitor kvm among others. Before buying a monitor, you should look for one which will suit all your needs.

If you want to buy a monitor which has a different range of features, then you should go for a multimedia monitor. These are helpful because they provide you with any ports such as kvm HDMI input. The kvm HDMI port enables the monitor to be used for entertainment purposes as well as design.

Factors to consider when buying a kvm monitor.

  • Response time

If you are considering buying a gaming monitor choose one with a faster response time to display motion graphics. Kvm gaming monitors can also be directly linked up with a game console, and this is where pixel responses come in. Pixel response rate is the total time taken for an image to change from black to white.

  • Size

Before buying a kvm monitor, you should consider the size of the monitor first. During the 1990s the size of CRT monitors was between 14-15 inches. But due to the change in technology flat LCD monitors are taking over and becoming popular. You can now find a flat monitor of 25-30 inch at a cost friendly price.

  • Resolution

Resolution means the number of pixels which a monitor can display. It can also be defined as the number of dots which you get horizontally or vertically. For example, 1026x 758 is 1026 horizontally and 758 vertically. The higher the resolution of your kvm monitor the better and clearer the images which are displayed.

  • Features

Monitors may look as if they are the same, but there are models which come with additional features such as multi-monitor kvm which stands out from the competition. When comparing features, you can start by comparing matte and gloss screens.

Each of the two screens offer a unique viewing experience, but it will all come down to what you prefer. There are various monitors which have an adjustable height. Such monitors will help you to solve neck aches which are caused by slouching when trying to view your screen.

Also, you can look for a monitor which has a swivel base if you are used to rotating your monitor screen to your workmates when showing them a YouTube video of funny images.

  • Video input

Video input will depend on the age of your computer. If your monitor is old, then you will be needed to use a VGA or analogue. If your computer is new, you will use a digital connection for the monitor, e.g. VDI or HDMI. Many monitors come with a digital video input and one analogue video input.

Most of the factors which we have discussed above will depend on your budget and personal preference. If you aren’t using the kvm monitor a lot, then you should buy a cheap one. But if you will be using the monitor for business purposes, you should spend some extra money and buy a quality monitor.