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All you need to know about the best lawn mowers in town?

Around the 59% of the population of our country has lawns in their homes and these lawns for sure ask for maintenance and care. Most of the homeowners find it very difficult to continue keeping their lawns neat and tidy and for this they either give up on their lawns or opt for the better choice that is auto lawn mowers. The auto lawn mowers save your valuable time that you would otherwise have to spend on the lawn keeping. With the automated lawn mowers, you can now rest in the sun and robot would carry on to accomplish the task of lawn keeping.

The robotic lawn mowers are becoming the latest trend for the Tondre son jardin as they are extremely helpful, they help save your time and maintain a neat and tidy lawn like no other human can. They keep maintaining your lawn even when you are not around in the house and are responsible for fulfilling all the lawn mowing tasks for you. Other amazing aspects of these autonomous robots are the easy storage and compact design that makes them extremely desirable over the previous and conventional lawn mowers.

Since these lawn mowers work on batteries, therefore they do not release any type of pollutants, thus they are friendly to the environment as well. these batteries normally are lithium ion or cadmium ones and the mower takes around 3-6 hours for getting fully charged, the time for charging depends upon the size of the battery. The average life of a battery used in these autonomous robot lawn mowers is around 3 years.

When a lawn mower in on its job of mowing, it will have to get back to the base to recharge the batteries again and again as mowing is a tough job and requires a lot of power from the machine. These mowers are designed already to get back to their base to get charged and they are also provided with guide cables that help them locate their base more easily.

You can hide the base station of the lawn mowers as well. It is usually done to provide protection to the mower while it is parked and also to get it out of sight to avoid stealth. You can use the manufacturer’s provided shelter for the mower, design one of your own choice or get the shelter in some kind of shed etc.

The question might pop into your mind that how the mower has to be limited so that it won’t escape the boundaries of your lawn? The answer is simple, a perimeter wire or cable has to be fixed on the area where you want the gardening to be done. This will keep the mower in its defined area, as it is a machine and it could get itself in trouble if there are no bounds for it to move.

Most of the mowers work on random cutting patterns.