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Has it ever happened to you? Suddenly you see a picture of someone you do not know anything about. You check your list of people you follow and, effectively, you are following him. Do not worry; you did not do anything strange last night while you drank your daily glass of blond. If there has been no identity theft, it is likely that someone has sold your account, and with it your list of followers, to another person or company. You can change every detail of the account and keep the list of followers.


If you were online more than a week ago, you have already assumed that they have bought you and sold you several times. In this case, the person who has purchased the account can be happy, because at least we know that it is followed by a real person… you.

The truth is that buying an account is very risky if you do not know very well what you are doing. If you are not buying from someone you trust, chances are that they are selling you a handful of false profiles at the price of human beings. In addition, the web pages that sell them can appear overnight.

My first million

In the end, it all comes down to the fact that you have to have time, technical skill or money. A combination of the three can plant you in the million followers. If your account seems very false, you can also buy likes, video visualizations and even comments (or falsify them yourself with scripts). If you do not have patience for any of this and you want 100,000 followers tomorrow, you can buy an account that already has them and is related to your sector, being aware of the risk that this entails.

You decide if you win each follower with the sweat of your brow or live a hallucination where you are followed by thousands of people who do not exist. Most influencers you follow are somewhere in the middle.

So from now on before I’ll chase away all the meat on skewer sharing paintings behind the operator, copies and much consulting of rudeness on this network. More than anything, this article will show all theĀ tests I will do for three months to increase the followers even, except, 10,000 followers.

You wonder, why that show? Well, is that to own the “see more” inside the Stories, the most effective feature internally of the app, I have to ride this show. As I also needed to understand better rules for the Instagram trade, I decided to take the course Top Instagramer Victor Martin, I recommend it if you want to increase your influence in this network! So, without further beginnings let’s go to the municipal and questionnaires that I will be doing in the following months.

Where to buy followers Instagram

TheĀ attempt will be tolerated side by side from November 1, 2017 inclusive on February 1, 2018. The coefficient of followers will be updated here. Followers November 1: 2344 November 13: 2465 here you can greet more in detail.

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After having accepted the channels on Instagram, I made some major upheavals in the lighthouse of this attempt. Old photos: I deleted several photographs that had been broadcast years behind. Both contributed highly little effort as well were bad race. The important thing is that the feed is secured with good impressions.