Take Control With cPanel Website Hosting

A website is the mother ship of a business in the increasingly online arena of operation and planning. Hosting a website comes with certain tasks which, if handled well can mean that your website is fully functional at all times, reflects the excellence of your services and products, smoothly runs the plugins and applications that enhance experience of visitors and is safe and secure from unauthorized intrusions. cPanel is a control panel that affords for website owners a hassle free way to manage and control various facets of their websites so that they can be run and operated as desired.

Popular because a purpose is served

cPanel hosting is a preferred option primarily because it is easy to install and use. That is one of the many reasons that a cPanel hosting account is created every 14.5 seconds. GPDHost has, thus, tailored the best cPanel web hosting plans. Cheap cPanel reseller hosting with us offers opportunities to our clients to package their services to create a delightful experience for customers.

The requirements for disk space and RAM in order to be able to use cPanel are minimal which makes it suitable for every type of user. For hosts, cPanel minimizes the need to hire expert administrators and for websites, it eliminates the need to get into technical intricacies of running a website and rather expend their energies in their core business expertise area.

Features galore

cPanel also gives access to numerous features. Email management is a piece of cake and anti-virus protection can also be availed if needed. Management of domains and files is very simple too. Site folders can be password protected through directories and SSL manager helps generate SSL certificates. The backups interface streamlines the creation of backups and forwarding, delivery reporting, user level filtering, authentication and routing in case of email management is easy to do.

The information about the features at server side is detailed at the home page for user convenience. Even statistics can be generated using tools provided in cPanel.

See cPanel for yourself

To power up your website’s utility and management, you can buy cPanel web hosting with GPDHost. Our cPanel shared hosting is great for those businesses which are still expanding their footprint after which they can easily move on to our dedicated cPanel hosting. WordPress cPanel hosting can ideally combine the better of two worlds i.e. the versatility of WordPress and the convenience of cPanel. Besides the obvious benefits of the best cPanel hosting with GPDHost, our support team is available 24/7 to iron out any other issues you face which we make sure to eliminate anyway.