VPS Hosting Versus Cloud Hosting

Here we address the main differences between the VPS hosting against Cloud Hosting:

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, a virtualized server or one should say a dedicated server. These servers are shared between several virtual computers. This sharing is basically done at the level of CPU time along with RAM and some part of Hard disk space as well, which means CPU time, RAM and disk space is shared among several virtual machines at the same time. If the server or VPS is powered off than all the machines on that server get offline.

Cloud Hosting

While the Cloud Hosting does have virtual machines but it does not have a dedicated server. Cloud Hosting uses all the dedicated servers of the hosting company, the virtual machine is allocated the dedicated server as per the availability. The advantage of Cloud Hosting over VPS is that, if a dedicated server goes down another available server can be dedicated in a jiff.

Cloud Hosting uses a technique of “Load-Balancing” to manage the jumps of web traffic, load-balancing is done through identical servers. The load-balancing technique of Cloud Hosting uses multiple instances as per the need. Cloud hosting usually bills on hourly basis when the multiple instances are created.

The Key differences of Cloud Hosting and VPS

VPS webhosting services are usually simpler to setup and maintain and usually low price while Cloud Hosting is more technical and rates are high. VPS also limits the use and thus creates problems on sensitive occasions.

  • For increasing the specifications of the Virtual Private Server, one need specific amount of time, usually days while in the Cloud Hosting, it can be done in a matter of seconds.
  • With VPS usage, one usually gets long downtimes during system upgrades or trouble shooting. With Cloud Hosting, system upgrades can be done with zero downtime, as the web is shifted to different server instantly.
  • Cloud Hosting allows to instantly scale-up the number of virtual machines, VPS has specific reserved slots and can’t be increased.


  • VPS is suitable for single webs with limited traffic and low cost.
  • Cloud Hosting is best for multiple webs with surging traffics and variable specification requirements.

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