Marketing 101- Reasons Why Giving Away Freebies Must Be A Part Of Your Strategy

No matter whether you have just started a business or are a leading organisation, you always need some marketing strategies to promote your firm amongst your audience.

Well, promoting a business highly depends on the type of trade you are into and the potential customers you have. But, if you are not sure as to which marketing strategy will help you storm ahead of your competitors, it’s always good to include free gift campaigns in your list.

Moreover, giving away freebies is always considered a good marketing tool, as no one denies a free gift and therefore this approach has a higher chance to draw customers to your business.

That aside, there are several other advantages of giving out free samples and below we’ve compiled a list of some of the major ones. So, read on and get to know how you could make your business stand out from the crowd.

  1. Spreads your word like wildfire

Initially, you might be reluctant to give away freebies, as there is no guarantee of return on this investment. But according to several market researchers, this strategy really works wonders and helps in spreading your word. This is because when you are distributing freebies, you are ultimately increasing the awareness of your products and services.

Your customers come to your business only if they your products and that’s bound to happen only if they are aware of your products or services. So, come up with different ways through which you can incorporate free gifts into your campaigns and let the world know more about your brand.

2  Reflects your generosity

Giving away freebies shows that your business is generous. It creates a good image of your brand amongst the customers and reflects that you trust your audience – after all, that’s the reason behind spending money on free samples, isn’t it? And in any business, building trust among customers is a key point.

3  Provides you with feedback

When you give out free gifts in person, you might not expect a feedback in return. But, most of the times you do get one, even if it’s not on an immediate basis. Well, for that to happen, you could perhaps come up with a hashtag and mention that on the freebie. This way you can expect people to talk about you and your brand by posting stuff along with the hashtag on your Facebook or Twitter page.

Moreover, this online feedback not only helps you get traffic on your social media pages, but also to reach out as many people as possible, especially the ones whom you have not approached yet. Needless to say, it increases  brand awareness online, which is very crucial in promoting any business.

4  Lets you try out new potential products

Before producing any new product in mass, it’s good to see how it works by giving away some samples of the products. It will help you to know whether the product you’ll be launching meets the public’s requirement or not, and if it does meet their requirements, then you need to figure whether they need any changes in it.

Once you receive their feedback or response on sample items, you can make improvements accordingly, so this time it stands true to their expectations. Finally, when the new sample is liked by most of your audience, you can go ahead with the mass production. It will surely be worth the investment.

5  Lures your existing customers

Why not tempt your existing customers to purchase some more products by offering them some free samples? These samples could be your newly launched or existing products that are not purchased by them yet. But always try out the products that have the maximum probability of being purchased in the future.

Of course, giving away freebies is a form of marketing and might not work for every other business. But, most of the times, the chances of it failing is way lesser. And if you own a business like a restaurant, cosmetic company or stationary store, then the odds are pretty good of it to be a success. Because food products, stationery items like branded pens uk and cosmetic items are things required on a daily basis, they tend to have a high demand in the market, irrespective of the number of competitors in your area.