Satisfying your business purpose & goals using Bulk SMS

SMS marketing is getting recognition among the business owners in today’s marketing areas with its reliable feature and its high cost-effective.  SMS is becoming a medium of communication between people, using bulk SMS marketing is a powerful way to boost your business productivity.  And of the best way to keep your clients in the loop is to send out short messages.

However, sending SMS to hundreds of customers is a time consuming and head breaking process.  Thank to bulk SM software which has simplified the way of sending bulk SMS, now you can send SMS in bulk to your customers in just a few clicks. With the help of a software, you will be able to send messages from your computer to mobile phones in just one go.

SMS marketing campaign can maximize your sales turnover ratio. It’s the most cost-effective methods of modern marketing. Keep your customers in touch is very important if you want to stay in business in the long run.

Why bulk SMS?

If you are tired of handling leaflets, then its time to switch over to bulk SMS marketing. SMS service will provide your company a chance to stand apart from your competitors. It’s a reliable source for spreading a word about your brand to the target clients without handling overshadowed by other promotional offers.

It is done is just three steps

  • Draft a promotion or an informative promotional message
  • Send it to the provider who offers the SMS marketing service
  • Broadcast it

Ultimately, enhancing your business client with just a simple message and helping your business grow is the aim. It is a quick and highly easier process.

Widen your marketing database

You can get your potential clients/existing customers to reach you by just considering a short code. This space offers you the benefit of connecting with your potential clients even when you don’t have their contact number to let them know about the sale or a promotion that is going through SMS. This database of numbers is even more valuable as these are people who are willing to buy your product or the service you provide. So your sales conversion from this database will be much higher, possibly than the database, you bought from some other source.

To induce interest in your target audience you can run a quiz asking your clients to respond with correct answers.

Convenient advertising

People remember you by using the right keyword in your Bulk SMS campaign. There can be many diet food companies, but using the right keyword can make sure that your prospective clients know you and you become their first preferred choice whenever they need a product or a service you are providing. For instance, if you offer detox recipes then having a keyword “DETOX” will be the perfect word for people to remember and get back to you when they think of detox recipes.

Brand building

Using the keyword you have advertised as a sender ID in the bulk SMS marketing, you will send just help you in brand building. Remember to send information like tips and recipes, DIYs, and did you know facts about your product and target audience might start trusting you and refer your tips in a short while. They might also send your inquiries too. Accept these and send the right solution. This will help you in winning over the client’s trust. Interactive bulk SMS marketing can also guide you further in brand building.

Customer service inquiries through bulk SMS

Through interactive SMS you can offer simple queries which only include detail sharing from your end. Just like how back communicate statements and account balance over SMS. This facility will offer your clients a convenient and speedy method to get their solutions resolved. Good service always gives you a good reputation.

Personalized response to better customer loyalty

You are allowed to send a personalized response with the recipients’ name and specific information. This personal touch in your bulk SMS campaign will make your customers feel that someone has personally checked details they asked for and have responded.


This strategy is much low priced than using direct marketing to let your clients know about your promotion. If you think that can’t afford to use direct mailing as of the costs included, you must consider using Bulk SMS Service as an alternative. You might be surprised at the kind of results you get.

Effective marketing promotion

Studies have shown that marketing campaigns are more successful when used with multiple channels. If you have a special event or promotion, you must use many channels like blogs, email, direct mail, SMS and phone follow up to maximize your results. If you think that using bulk SMS marketing, then you have to peep into the various software to guide you control these campaigns. The software might help you manage a database and will allow you to also customize the message to make it more personal. You can also start campaigns to boost the effectiveness of the campaign.

While SMS marketing is fairly new, many businesses have seen their clients responding positively. If the customer is buying from you before, you will appreciate the fact that you are allowing them to know about special deals and anything else that might help them.

As traditional marketing cost burns your pocket and less effective, businesses have to find new ways to market and a new stream to regulate revenue. Bulk SMS can be one of these new ways to market. Its highly effective, affordable and creates results and very easy to use.


There is a strong case to promote your business through SMS marketing. If you want to implement it in your business, you need to talk with a couple of different providers to guide on how to get started. They can help you with everything from how to use the software and setting up to create a marketing campaign and maximizing your response from the service