Cyberbullying and Animal Brutality on Snapchat can ruin the life of your emotionally sensitive kid and how to deal with it.

Snapchat is a social media app that is being highlighted in its growth factor to be one of the fastest growing ventures in the Information Technology and Social media industry.

The social media app founded in September 2011 has enjoyed phenomenal growth with the following colossal stats at its credit that speak for themselves.

Number of monthly active users: 300+ million

Number of daily active users: 187 million

Percentage of social media users: 18%

With most of its users to be the millennial, the number of snaps (Photos and videos) created everyday range up to 1 million.

The Snapchat is doing well with its explosive growth. The reasons behind its popularity are very clear. Snapchat was designed around the principal concept that the content in the form of text, images, and videos that are shared remains on the mobile phone device for a brief time before disappearing forever.

No Trace or Evidence

Snapchat has tons of other features but we will focus on only this feature in which a video, snap or a snap with a caption that is sent for a short moment that is for ten seconds before disappearing forever. It is a feature that is being exploited by bullies and trolls on the Snapchat network. This feature is considered to be the prime reason for the success and phenomenal growth of Snapchat but it is being exploited by individuals with ill intent. Many individuals that do not want their content to be abused or doctored on the internet use this method to share images with their friends on Snapchat Spy App to protect their privacy but the same features also have opened backdoors for corruption for bullies.

A bully is basically an individual that derives satisfaction by hurting other peoples feeling by exploiting them through physical or emotional means in any way possible. Cyberbullying on the Internet may not be very physical but it can be emotionally lethal for many people especially young kids.

Most cyberbullies think that since the abusive message once sent will be deleted after a short life of 10 seconds; they can easily get away with it because there is no evidence to take action against them. They are quite wrong as you are going to find out.

Polls carried out a few years back in the UK, more than half of the users reported that they have received inappropriate pictures.

  • 67% of Snapchat users said that they got pictures of inappropriate poses or gestures.
  • 47% had nude pictures.
  • 11% reported that they have seen images of criminal acts.

And above all that, there had not been even a trace of most of the pictures that were seen and disappeared in seconds. As mentioned before Snapchat services allow users to put timers on images and videos so that they disappear from the iPhones and Android mobile devices in that particular instance.

Fast Spread

Cyberbullies work together and they try to find like-minded people to join their gangs. The Bullies are savvy enough to take snaps on Snapchat if they get their hands on an embarrassing picture of other students. They take snapshots and spread it around. At occasions, the snap becomes viral and aggravates the situation for the targeted kid. Pictures are not the only way the bullies attack. The Snapchat application does not work only this way. Snapchat is also good at hurling disturbing videos around added with captions in the form of text to add insult to injury.

Snapchat is an increasingly popular tool, almost every teenager is using. Social media apps like Snapchat opens the door for some fame loving kids to become popular. So, they may get into snapshotting and video making activities to gain popularity. When it happens it obviously makes them a bigger target for bullies to attack them where it hurts the most.

Animal Cruelty

Snapchat has become a breeding ground for animal cruelty for fun and entertainment. Since the Snapchat is increasingly popular among children the growing exposure of disturbing images of animals being beaten, tortured and even killed is ringing a bell for the need for better education regarding animal rights and their understanding for kids.

Snapchat has released the following stats regarding animal mistreatment.

In the year,

  • 2015, 27 incidences of animal cruelty were reported.
  • 2016 these reports of occurrences became more than double to 69.
  • 2017 the number of incidences of animal cruelty reported to Snapchat was 119.

The disturbing images of animals everything from a guinea pig thrown down the stairs, a live gold fish’s eye cutout to a puppy thrown in the river. It is not the vulnerable and defenseless animals being savaged but in the videos are said to have a number of laughing youngsters are shown as if it is some sort of a game.

What Parents Can Do?

A disturbing snap that is received on the mobile device or the computer that comes from Snapchat is very short lived as mentioned before. Many cyberbullies and perpetrators of evil acts on Snapchat think that they can stab someone’s child and get away with it. The Snapchat bully epidemic can be fought. To fight it you need a piece of software called TheOneSpy. It is a Small and a nifty app that easily downloads and after a few minor configurations get installed on the Mobile Devices (and computers) of your kid in a less than a minute.

Once you pay a small subscription fee, you get a web interface, the login details of which are Emailed to you. Once it’s done, you will login and get access to the screen recording to a huge range of top social media apps including Snapchat at your figure tips. TheOneSpy will give you an unprecedented advantage over any bully that may be bothering your kid. TheOneSpy is a tool that will also help educate your child about inappropriate sites and content on the web through the monitoring and observation of your kid’s mobile device (or computer). It will also give you an unfair advantage over gathering evidence to report against a bully to Snapchat and law authorities and to take any possible action that can stop such a person from hideous acts of insult.

The following will show you the procedure as you will notice how easy it is to monitor your child’s device in 250+ different ways and record Snapchat content and enjoy the peace of mind that TheOneSpy offers you in relation to your kid’s protection.


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