Top 6 Mobile App Trends to Look For in 2019

Mobile has brought about such a revolutionary change in the lives of man that no one could have thought of it 10 years ago. Ever since mobile phones entry in the market, their popularity has been growing in leaps and bounds. The primary reason for that today is mobile apps. The mobile phone is no longer limited to being just an instrument to make a call, but it has evolved into much more complex yet simple-to-use device for interacting and recreation.

Mobile phones have now become a personal assistant with a camera, recording device, diary and note-taking device. It has become a powerhouse for entertainment and much more. All thanks to the rich set of applications developed by skilled app developers. But it is time to take it even a step further in the year 2019. How? Let’s talk about the top 6 trends in apps that will change the world forever.

  1. AI rules

Artificial Intelligence has caught our fancies ever since its advent with Apple’s Siri. A talking robot that can do everything for us… well, almost everything in the phone if not real life. Looking at the fascination and convenience of Siri, several chat bots and AI powered tools have now come into existence. It has made our lives much easier. All we have to do is call our AI out with their name and ask them to fetch us a file, record our conversation, type for us, Google search for us and more. Fun part is, this is just the beginning. If you’re planning to have your own mobile app then make sure to build in a chat bot or similar tool to make it customer friendly.

  1. Cloud computing

An application with cloud integration is a boon for the users these days. All the important data is saved on the cloud without using much space on the phone itself. It’s an awesome thing in itself. Low stress on saving it all on the mobile’s internal memory means it enables the mobile in processing the heavy tasks with ease while also increasing the overall speed.

  1. Mobile payment

eCommerce and mobile banking together have absolutely changed the face of shopping in today’s world. Everything and anything is bought online these days and not only that, but apps also help in transferring money. This is phenomenal and the popularity of mobile payments is going to rise day by day. If you have an application for product or services, then make sure you include a feature to enable mobile payments.


  1. IoT (Internet of Things) & wearable technology

Almost 7 out of 10 people wear a fitness tracker these days. Wearable technology is the most in thing in 2018 and it will surely advance much more in 2019. Keeping this is in mind, if you’re in health care or a manufacturing business then adopting this technology into your mobile app is necessary.

  1. Location based services

Indoor mapping is gradually picking up speed in the marketing world. Businesses have now started giving offers, discounts, special coupons, etc. on the mobile phone as soon as the visitor comes into vicinity of their business. This is the latest trend in airports, malls, restaurants, etc. This is a fun way to attract would-be consumers and it takes personalized business strategies to an all-new level.

  1. Virtual Reality

This is a fairly new, but promising concept that will get a lot of attention in 2019 and onwards. Many tech experts are predicting that virtual reality will be able to generate more than $100 million USD by year 2020. Virtual reality makes it possible for the user to get a firsthand experience in another virtual environment and almost teleports them into a world behind the screen. Web designers and mobile app development designers are pouring their sweat and blood into advancing this new technology and trying to figure out multifaceted uses for their applications. So, if you want to read more this kind of interesting post visit web design company blog at