What Factors to Consider While Buying HDTV For Gaming?

Gaming is also an aspect that people consider besides enjoying the daily viewing. Basically, manufacturers believe that people buy TV for watching TV shows and movies, which is understandable. However, if you are a gaming fan then your criteria to choose HDTV will differ. TV, which works best with movie streaming may be incompetent for gaming. Many TV brands are designed for console gaming. It is just the matter of modifying your outlooks.

Factors to consider while buying new HDTV for gaming

Input lag

It is the time TV takes to receive HD signals to display on the screen. It is not a crucial consideration for daily watching because you are not interacting with images. Alternatively, with gaming input lag is very important to check out. Lag gets measured in milliseconds. The Xiaomi TV has gaming mode, which tweaks picture settings thus reducing input lag. For gaming check for input lag specs, which is less than 25 m/s.

The 4K TV find it hard to maintain low lag rate, as it has to process lots to display Ultra HD in comparison to standard 1080p units. Therefore, when you go for 4K TV pay specific attention to lag rate in gaming mode.

Refresh rates

It tells you how fast screen refreshes and high number means TV displays better, when showing quick images. Today, TVs have traditional refresh rate more than 60 frames/sec. It is this figure, you need to check for while reading the specs. If the rate is low than 60hz then avoid it for gaming purpose.

When you compare refresh rates of on CompareRaja remember different manufacturers measure them a little different. Some name it ‘picture quality’. Compare numbers from same manufacturers.


OLED TVs are little costly than the normal LED screens. If your budget allows then it is recommended to buy OLED because they display better contrast ratio with more deep blacks. There is no need for backlit screen because they are thinner.

Ultra HD or 4K

4K means TV designed with 4X the pixels than 1080p full HD. Thus, offering a remarkable level of detailing. The Xbox and PS4 are now offering Ultra HD gaming opportunities at an affordable price. However, check its lag rate in gaming mode [less than 25 m/s].


High Dynamic Range or HDR gives TV wide colour and contrast range. It means TV is able to create more colours to obtain more detailing in dark spots. HDR was first introduced in gaming world with Xbox One S and soon Sony followed with PS4 Pro. HDR gaming is here to stay and will get enhanced consistently.

Get a TV, which supports HDR10. Xbox One X and Xbox One S that don’t synch with the advanced Dolby Vision standards.

Size matters

Never assume bigger is the best because you can afford it. It is great to watch the popular movies and shows but may not get same experience playing games. Big screen means you have to look around more surface. If you need to sit at a distance then playing shooting games, you may miss the crucial action.